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CB Model Pro (http://www.cbmodelpro.com/download.html)   

CB Model Pro is a easy to use 3D modeling tool utilizing cutting-edge freeform surface technology.


  • Clean, clear intuitive interface
  • Simple, precious tools enabling direct surface manipulation
  • Create realistic models and characters
  • Export output compatible with most popular programs

Available for Windows and Mac OS.

Vendor by: Dassault Systems
Website: http://www.cbmodelpro.com/index.html

editor | 4/21/2009 | 1713 Views

Cheetah3D Demo Version (http://cheetah3d.com/download.php)   

Vendor description: Cheetah3D demo version is a lean, fast, and elegant 3D modeling, rendering, and animation package with an easy learning curve. It was written from ground up in cocoa and offers many powerful tools like subdivision surface modeling, joint based character animation system, morph targets, UV unwrapping, texture painting, PDF import, HDRI, radiosity, renderings, etc. The possibility to extend Cheetah3D with JavaScripts and support for many common file formats rounds out its feature set.

Demo version of Cheetah3D for free to use and learn, but to save any of your documents, you'll need to purchase a serial number.

Vendor by: Cheetah3D
Website: http://cheetah3d.com/index.php

editor | 2/18/2009 | 1709 Views

LXFree (http://www.claudeheintzdesign.com/lx/lxfree.html)   

Vendor description: LXFree is a special purpose CAD/database application designed to integrate the process of drawing a light plot with creating the necessary paperwork. LXFree combines typical drawing tools with databases of the properties of  lighting instruments, colors, symbols and other libraries. LXFree’s libraries are in open XML format and LXFree includes extensive AppleScript support allowing expansion and customization of its capabilities.

LXFree is a Mac OS universal binary application.

Vendor by: Claude Heintz Design
Website: http://www.claudeheintzdesign.com/lx/index.html

editor | 2/18/2009 | 1842 Views

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