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1D-NEST (http://www.1d-solutions.com/home.htm)   
'D-NEST is the most efficient 'D cutting optimiser software, capable to calculate the best yielding of materials with minimum cost in processes of 'D cutting for materials such as bars, tubes, pipes, profiles, beams, rolls or other linear materials supp lied in prefixed standard lengths.

Vendor by: 1DSOLUTIONS
Website: http://www.1d-solutions.com

editor | 7/9/2010 | 1701 Views

ArtCAM Insignia 2009 (http://www.artcaminsignia.com/demo/index.htm)   

Vendor description: ArtCAM Insignia 2009 is part of the ArtCAM family of products and is a unique software program that lets you manufacture high quality 2D products from conceptual sketches or pictures faster.

Enables you to easily manufacture your models with it’s easy to use, highly proficient 2D and 2.5D (V-Bit) machining strategies. You can work directly from your sketches or imported images to build up a multilayered vector model, or use customizable vector libraries.

The flexible machining strategies provide the complete solution for all your 2D and 2.5D CNC needs. Proven solution for many industries including: Sign making, woodworking, Engraving, mold tool engraving.


  • Add complex decoration or logos to products to increase their value
  • Reduce production costs and improve quality by getting "finished" parts directly off your machine, removing the need for hand finishing
  • Increase profit on materials through nesting and toolpath ordering options
  • Increases productivity leading to a higher and faster return on your CNC investment
  • Get optimum use from the most advanced features
  • Create more profit from your CNC investment by increasing its efficiency with better toolpath control
  • Better throughput and less down time means you can bid for more work, subcontract for others or have more time for leisure activities

Allows you to produce high quality, detailed and intricate designs and enables you to have shorter delivery times and more competitive pricing.

Demo version of ArtCAM Insignia 2009 will give you complete access to all of the software's features, with the only limitation being that you are unable to save your files.

Vendor by: Delcam
Website: http://www.delcam.com/index.asp

editor | 3/25/2009 | 1733 Views

AutoEditNC (http://www.betatechnical.com/autonc.htm)   
AutoEditNC is 32-bit Windows program to assist in the creation and testing of Numerical Control programs in the Fanuc/G&M-Code format. AutoEditNC has specialized text editor with NC code creation tools. Also simulate the movements of the machine tool to test program for accuracy and reliability.

Serves as learning tool for programmers. It contains code creation windows that give brief explanation of code and allows the user to insert the code directly into program. It gives tools that make it easy to get started and easy to remember the arcane codes used in G&M-Code programs.


  • Enhanced manufacturing calculator with trig, speeds, feeds, unit conversions, machining power and more
  • Improved editor with formatting and search functions
  • Roughing program for rectangular and circular areas
  • Simulation window to test toolpaths for milling, allows the user to pan, scale, and step forward or backward through a program with refreshed graphics
  • Window 95/NT compatible
  • Code insertion tools with code examples
  • Built-in program templates to get started quickly
  • Renumbering tool
  • Improved help files
  • Sample files
  • Numerous bugs fixed

  • Vendor by: Beta Technical Solutions
    Website: http://www.betatechnical.com/index.htm

    editor | 7/31/2008 | 1772 Views

    Bar Cut Optimizer & Manager (http://www.binrace.com/download.php?file=setup.exe)   
    Bar Cut Optimizer & Manager is a length nesting optimizer and stock manager software. It minimizes the wasted materials in the cutting process of any linear material like pipes, bars, tubes, profiles, paper rolls, extrusions, beams, cables etc.

    editor | 12/31/2007 | 1663 Views

    CncSimulator (http://www.cncsimulator.com/)   
    The CncSimulator provides you with one of the most advanced yet easy-to-learn CNC Simulation software on the market. It has full 2D and 3D simulation of both turning and milling machines. With the CncSimulator you have the perfect tool for both industrial simulations as well as for training. Some of the CncSimulator's capabilities:Plug-in interface for developers.Simulation in 2D and 3D of both mill and lathe nc-code. 3D Block graphics. Advanced NC Editor, complete with machine communications. Simulation of machine time to aid in the calculation of costs etc. And a lot more...

    Vendor by: CNC Simulator
    Website: http://www.cncsimulator.com/index.php

    editor | 6/12/2008 | 1765 Views

    DNC Precision Free (http://www.aggsoft.com/dnc-precision/download.htm)   
    The free version of DNC Precision software is a our best offer. It is the communications program specially developed to exchange data and programs between a computer and any Numerical Control (NC) machine. The program makes it possible to send and receive programs written in the machine language free of charge!

    Vendor by: AGG Software
    Website: http://www.aggsoft.com/

    editor | 9/1/2008 | 1781 Views

    EasyBlank (http://www.easystamping.com/index.php?option=com_content&tas

    The purpose of the EasyBlank software is to calculate blank shapes from 3D CAD files of sheet metal stamped parts. The calculated blank shape is then nested and optimized into a coil layout, estimating material costs for sheet metal tooling projects.

    EasyBlank uses a one step calculation to turn complex 3D part designs into flat patterns, in just seconds. The entire process, from CAD import to results on the screen, typically takes less than three minutes.

    Vendor by: AutoForm
    Website: http://www.easystamping.com/products&services

    editor | 10/23/2008 | 1682 Views

    FeatureCAM (http://www.featurecam.com/general/downloads/software_dl.asp)   

    FeatureCAM is a suite of CAD/CAM software which combines cutting edge technology with ease of use. Automates machining and minimizes programming times for parts on mills, lathes and wire EDM.

    Feature-based technology to streamline programming

    With FeatureCAM, you can :
    • Draw or import your part
    • Identify part components as features (holes, pockets, surface milling, etc)
    • Click simulation
    • You are done, NC code is generated!

    Knowledge-based technology to increase productivity

    FeatureCAM automatically :
    • Selects tools
    • Calculates feeds and speeds, including stepovers and depth of Cut
    • Determines roughing and finishing operations
    • Generates toolpaths and NC code
    • You can change any of the automatically selected machining suggestions.

    Added value at no additional charge

    FeatureCAM includes:
    • Shared network databases for tools and feeds and speeds
    • Post processor library with 350+ posts, with the ability to
      create custom Posts or edit existing posts
    • Feed rate optimization
    • Application programming interface (API) for Macro
      creation and program customizations
    • Job quoting tools
    • Integrated 3D simulation package

    Vendor by: Delcam
    Website: http://www.featurecam.com/index.asp

    editor | 7/31/2008 | 1769 Views

    FreeMill (http://www.mecsoft.com/Mec/Products/FreeMill.shtml)   
    Vendor description: FreeMill is a fully functional 3D Milling package built on MecSoft Corporation’s VisualMill CAM package. With this product you will be able to import files VisualMill 4.0, STL, Rhino .3dm, VRML and Raw Triangle files, run full simulations on your part models and be able to output G code to your machine tool.  The product comes with about 50 pre-built post-processors.

    Vendor by: MecSoft Corporation
    Website: http://www.mecsoft.com/Mec/

    editor | 6/26/2008 | 1751 Views

    Geomagic Review (http://www.geomagic.com/en/products/qualify/review/index.php


    Vendor description: Geomagic Review is a inspection analysis software that works with Geomagic Qualify. Inspection results and analysis generated by Geomagic Qualify, such as GD&T analysis, 2D and 3D comparisons can be shared with Geomagic Review.


    • Improve quality inspection efficiency
    • Communicate and collaborate on the inspection process
    • Maximize your software at no extra cost

    Vendor by: Geomagic
    Website: http://www.geomagic.com/en/

    editor | 3/31/2009 | 1704 Views

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