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FreeCAD.com accepts banners advertising. Banners can be placed on the home page or run of site.
Home page allows your banner to be seen every time a user goes to the home page of FreeCAD.com. A run of site campaign can display over a whole site. You can rotate several banners in one spot.
Banner Advertising
Banner Type Specs Net Cost
Home Page Exclusive 468 x 60, 12Kb $500 per month
Run of Site 468 x 60, 12Kb $65/CPM
All FreeCAD.com banner sizes conform to the IAB/Casie standard.
Banners can be either GIF or JPEG formats. We accept animated images in the GIF 89a format, but limited to 3 loops. We do not accept ads that incorporate Java, Shockwave, Future Splash, video or any other multimedia format other than GIF 89a animation. We do not accept MAP files. GIF files must be transparent, and must contain no more than 256 colors.
Advertisers are encouraged to provide up to three versions of each banner to rotate during the campaign (there is no additional cost for this service). It is also recommended that new materials be provided every 3-4 weeks for a typical 3-month campaign run.
We require three business days to post banners once received, providing materials are created in accordance to the above specifications.
Banner Design Service
We can create simple banners for you to the above specifications for a nominal cost of $150.
Banners are created with your input and you have final approval.  All banners created are the property of TenLinks, Inc. until payment is received.  Please contact sales@tenlinks.com for further information on this service.
Advertising Sales:
TenLinks Inc.
200 Professional Center Drive
Suite 211 Novato, CA 94947 USA
Email: sales@tenlinks.com
Tel: (415) 897-8800
Fax: (415) 897-8814
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