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 Privacy Policy
FreeCAD.com may make use of your email address to serve you limited and targeted offers from our clients. FreeCAD.com will do controlled emails from our own site. In addition, your email address may be shared with the company or author of the software that you have downloaded.
What makes FreeCAD.com email different from spam? First of all, FreeCAD.com will only be involved with offers that are of interest to the CAD, CAM and CAE users. You will not be bombarded with emails with what we ourselves would consider products and services not relevant to technical professionals.
Also, our mailings will be limited in number. Again, we will not be bombarding you with emails.
We do not have any control of email addresses that we share with authors and companies of products that are downloaded from our site. However, in general you can be assured that software companies are not in the spam business. Emails from these authors and companies may very well be useful to you as they probably would be about product updates and using the product.
Any questions or issues with privacy should be forwarded to us at :
TenLinks Inc.
200 Professional Center Drive
Suite 211
Novato, CA 94947 USA
Tel: (415) 897-8800
Fax: (415) 897-8814
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